Yes! Here’s how:

REUSE & REFILL: When you return your bottle CLEAN & DRY and we can refill it for YOU and are very happy to give you a discount. $2 off each bottle!

HOW TO CLEAN BOTTLES: First, rinse with hot water to get excess oil or vinegar out. Put in the dishwasher or wash with a little mild soap and let hang dry.  If there is remaining olive oil, hand rinse with distilled white vinegar or baking soda and rinse again with hot water. Hang upside down to dry.

WHY DO BOTTLES NEED TO BE CLEAN & DRY: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fresh fruit product, so it has a shelf life. Oxidized or rancid olive oil left in a bottle will taint the fresh olive oil. Vinegars are a fermented product and have a much longer shelf life and are much easier to clean too.

RECYCLE: Please recycle bottles at home if you do not plan to refill them.

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