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PRMRY Set Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2020 Harvest


Cover your culinary bases with both of PRMRY’s oils. 

ENHANCE is a medium intensity oil that plays a supporting role in your dish — it elevates without overtly standing out. It pairs perfectly with roasted vegetables, dips, pasta, fish, poultry, grains, and tofu.

TRANSFORM is a robust intensity oil that plays a starring role in your dish — it will do more than enhance, and is meant to make you take notice. It pairs best with tomato, crudités, cheese, soup, salad, beef, pork, lamb, bread, and even ice cream.

Both oils are produced from olives harvested in October, 2020, and are quality certified by the California Olive Oil Council. PRMRY’s bottles are sealed with a wooden closure pour spout, and made of glass coated with eco-friendly, organic, UV spray to protect the oil from light degradation.

375 ml each

Weight 4 lbs


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