Ice cream and leftover pancakes
Ice cream and leftover pancakes

What to do with those leftover pancakes? 

This amazing treat is the perfect solution for leftover orange ricotta pancakes! The combination of the light ice cream with the fluffy orange pancake, along with the tangy sweet of the strawberries and the dark balsamic makes for the ultimate treat. Y.U.M.!
Take a leftover orange ricotta pancake and cut into quarters (4 pieces). Take two cereal size bowls and place two pieces of pancake in each bowl. Add a scoop of SO Delicious (sugar-free) chocolate coconut ice cream. Top the ice cream with a tablespoon of SO Delicious unsweetened coconut yogurt and sliced fresh, washed, organic strawberries. Sprinkle OTOT dark chocolate dark balsamic vinegar (about a tablespoon per) and enjoy! BONUS: add a splash of OTOT blood orange infused olive oil too kaufen kamagra oral jelly

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