Join the celebration. Olio Nuovo!

Olive Harvest: Tree to Table Event

Sunday, Nov. 11th

It’s Time!

Olive oil has nourished and enlivened families, communities, and cultures for thousands of years. So when it’s time to harvest the fruit and create life-sustaining olive oil, it’s a huge celebration.

Please join us for a day out in the field; harvesting, sharing, laughing, milling, eating, drinking and celebrating. Limited to 25. Get your tickets here.

Eat to Heal

This is our third talk in our Eat to Heal Wellness series with Dr. Jill Antoine. CBDs are well-known natural pain reducers but there’s a lot of confusing information swirling around and what the actual benefits are and how to chose what to use. Refreshments are provided (you won’t get high;) Please RSVP.

Fall (and fast) Recipes

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