I sort of lost the months of July and August. I hope your summer has been fun and you’re feeling refreshed and ready for – gulp – back to school and end of the year. I’m gearing up and we’ve got a lot going on.

First off, olive harvest is around the corner, it begins in late October now, and there’s been a lot of talk among farmers about fruit. After last year’s bumper crop, this year is looking a lot less fruitful. This is partly because olive crops rotate their abundance in two-year cycles, because the weather wasn’t ideal in February (it got too hot and confused the buds), and because — who knows? It’s nature!

We are excited to host our annual Tree-to-Table harvest event at Tallgrass Ranch again this year. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you on the list. The date hasn’t been set but it’ll most likely be one of the first two Sundays of November.

Even though the harvest is expected to be smaller this year, consumption and production of California olive oil is increasing. Yay! California produces just over 7 percent of total olive oil consumed in the US and that’s a full point up! We’re very happy that consumers are appreciating California extra virgin olive oil.

Large and small farmers are planting. California Olive Ranch will invest $35 million in planting 2000 acres of new orchards throughout California next year. That’s huge. But there also are hundreds of smaller famers, including micro-farmers like Mary and me. We just planted our first 70 trees. It’s a small contribution, but we love being a part of the process from farmer to consumer.

September and October are full of great events at OTOT. Super excited to offer a health & wellness lecture series by Dr. Jill Antoine (a local Noe Valley-ian). Her knowledge and insight is golden and not so popular within the medical community (that she is in!). Do yourself and family a service and hear what she has to say.

Chocolate. Chocolate. More Chocolate. Two chocolate-making workshops are scheduled with Michael’s Chocolates and also a fun, first time talk on the  History and Health of Chocolate with our favorite wellness coach and author, KJ Landis.

And yours truly will be leading an Olive Oil Tasting 101 workshop next month. I do this frequently for private events at the shop and off-site but this will be the first public one. I hope you’ll join me!

Lastly, I’ve found some great recipes, easy to make for quick meals, kids, and weekend gatherings. I hope you enjoy them.

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know how you’re doing, what you’d like to see from us at Olive This Olive That or share a favorite recipe. Say hello here.

To Your Health!

Easy, Healthy, Family-friendly Recipes

Tomatoes are everywhere and we LOVE them. Here’s a 6 ingredient tomato soup recipe by Jamie Oliver. You can use basil fused olive oil and our pinot noir red wine vinegar. FYI – 200 ml = 4 oz and 2 kgs = 4.4 lbs.

We made these quinoa crusted chicken fingers the other night and they were delicious. You can bake them but we fried them in extra virgin olive oil! Clean. Trick with a quinoa coating is that it must be cooled before you coat so it’ll stick.

Who doesn’t love sweet potato fries? Bake these while you fry the chicken tenders. You the yogurt dipping sauce for both fries and tenders. Finger-licking good!

Jenne Claiborne is one of my favorite vegan food bloggers. A vegan from the South! Everything is made with sweet potatoes! This is a a lovely salad take on summer fruit.

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