It’s time for olive harvest!

Join us for our 6th annual Olive Harvest: Tree to Table event. It’s a full day of hands-on experience learning how olives become olive oil and the qualities that make a fresh, fruity oil extra virgin. We begin our day hand harvesting olives in a beautiful orchard in Sonoma County (about 1 hr 15 minutes from San Francisco). Followed by lunch and wine tasting at a beautiful nearby winery. Our day ends at the mill where the olives we picked earlier will be ‘crushed’ at a local mill.

We meet at the orchard at 10 am and conclude our day at approximately 5pm.

Included: Continental breakfast, lunch, wine tasting, olive harvest, milling observation, and discussion. You’ll go home with a bottle of Olio Nuovo – the first oil of the season!

Not included: transportation (but we set up car pools for those who need a ride).

Limited to 25 (we sell out every year!). Buy your tickets here.

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